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Have You Heard of Apple?

Ipad security

The ipad in the enterprise sense, is merely just another dominating product created by the one and only, Apple. The passing of Steve Jobs was a sad event for everyone, especially anyone in the business and creative world. This man did not just leave a company behind, he left a legacy, one in which will be recorded in business and history books until the end of time. Taking the technologies and innovations given to us simply through this era of connection, Apple has created a dynasty, a domination, an army of products that are either on top of the market, or at the lowest, among the other greats, if there is any other ones out there.

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iPhone Management Software That Works

Ipad security

Apple mobile device use via BYOD, or bring your own device, is a new technology trend that has become more popular in recent years. 85 million iPhones have been sold in America since this device was launched by Apple in the year 2007. Today, more employees are able to access company resources through their own device, rather than a company purchased and owned iPhone. Similarly, iPad in the enterprise has become more popular, meaning that more iPad management software and iPad security solutions are necessary.

In fact, more than half of all employees report using mobile devices, there are 54 percent of workers in America that report having a tablet used for both personal reasons and professional purposes. Mobile devices refer to both tablets and smart phones, and while tablets have become more popular, smart phones are the mainstay at the moment. iPhone management software is important for any company that relies on this mobile device operating system to get work done. If you rely on shoddy iphone security software, it is likely that you will face unwanted user attacks over time.

In fact, there are about one out of every four companies that operate using bring your own device models that lack any type of management system. This is the type of company that is just asking for an unwanted user to sneak in and steal sensitive company data. Many of the problems associated with bring your own device implementation is that an employee with access may not treat their access with the proper respect it requires. They might allow other people to play with their phone, not realizing that the person in question is trying to sneak a look at financial records on private networks.

This is why several employees, or 66 percent of them, say they prefer to have their IT department choose devices they get used at work. When the IT department is responsible for iPhone management instead of an employee, that employee is more likely to pay attention during security training. iPhone management software is simple enough that users without tech savvy should not be concerned. In fact, most iPhone management functions will take place without them ever realizing it. From patch management to happen and password protection policies, iPhone management software will always be in place though most of the security functions will be managed by IT, not by the user himself or herself.