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What I Learned From Starting a Wiki

It’s crazy how many wikis are out there. Every fandom seems to have at least one, not to mention major leaguers like Wikipedia and Wikia. Though they all have dedicated communities and hundreds upon thousand of readers, very few of those participants ever take the big step to start their own. No wonder, really. Starting your own wiki is kind of scary! I was a regular reader of quite a few wiki pages and even contributed to a few fairly often, but I never really seriously considered starting my own. After all, so much had already been done!

It wasn’t until I started my own moderately successful blog that I revisited the idea of starting my own wiki. I started thinking about how to really draw interest and users to my wiki page, and scared myself pretty quickly. A wiki is only as good as its contributors, and finding them seemed like pretty hard work! In the end, I decided to take the plunge, and was able to use my blog to drum up a Continue reading