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Will High Level Urgent Care Centers Become the New Health Care Norm?

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In the U.S. there are approximately 6,800 24 hour urgent care centers, and most of them are located within freestanding buildings. Each week, an estimated 3 million patients pass through the doors of these urgent care locations to see a variety of health care professionals, including urgent dental care providers. These patients are looking for help for a variety of health concerns, for example, upper respiratory problems, muscular sprains, gastrointestinal problems like food poisoning, fractured and broken bones, and even concussions. Somewhere around 66 out of 100 of medical urgent care ce Continue reading

Tired of Emergency Room Waits?

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Ask any U.S. resident about their biggest complaints with health care facilities, and many are sure to mention the same thing: wait times. Whether it’s the wait to get an appointment in a private practitioner’s office or the emergency waiting room, there’s plenty of time spent by those experiencing medical difficulty that’s spent just waiting around for care. In recent years, urgent care facilities have gained popularity, not only because of their reduced wait time but because of their convenient care options.

What’s Urgent Care?

Medical urgent care locations are walk in facilities that employ physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. They concentrate on the evaluation an Continue reading