Having IRS Tax Problems?

Irs tax problem

If you find yourself in the midst of heavy IRS tax problems, including wage garnishment, we here at Community Tax Relief are here to help with irs tax problems of all shapes, sizes, and varieties. Since the first federal income tax was adopted in 1861, the complexity of our tax code has increased exponentially, with an estimated 1.2 million tax preparers across the US. Federal tax rates can vary from between 10 percent to 39 percent of your taxable income, although the Constitution does prevent property or monies from being seized without due process of law. However, if you find that your IRS tax problem has come to a head after legal proceedings have begun, the IRS may have already levied wage garnishments and other asset seizures in lieu of back taxes.

With that said, we at Community Tax Relief employ a number of top notch professionals in the field that can help with IRS problems in general, whether you are in the beginning stages of certain problems with irs statutes and actions or already facing wage garnishment. Bring all of your relevant paperwork to Community Tax Relief after making an appointment, and your Irs tax problems should hopefully be alleviated fairly shortly!

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