Web Content Management System for Franchises and Other Large Businesses

Web content management system

In the US, franchises contribute over $800 billion in sales to the economy every year. Lately, the slow and uncertain economy has actually driven franchise growth and new opportunity creation. A challenge for franchises, especially large ones, is achieving proper online brand management while allowing local franchise websites to grow, develop, and attract more local business for individual franchisees. However, new techniques and web content management systems are making it easier for large franchises to control their image while allowing local franchisees to expand their web presence.

A cloud based website content management system allows multiple users to log on to a franchise or corporate system with any mobile or internet ready device and edit content, saving money and employee work hours. A web content management system such as this allows the central franchise company to control different image and content parameters while allowing franchisees and employees who do not have technical software or web design skills to create sleek and efficient pages for local franchise branches. This type of web content management system allows the central franchise to maintain its image while helping its branches to increase their visibility and sales, which in turn will help the franchise expand to new locations.

Only one website development company offers software with this kind of functionality. Other similar products all have multiple users contributing to one site, but this new cloud based web content management system allows the creation of multiple interconnected websites representing one brand across its many locations. As major franchises grow and the franchise industry becomes increasingly competitive, every edge that your company can get will help it gain more followers and build new branches. The right software can help make the expansion and advertizing process easier, less labor intensive, and (very importantly) less expensive.

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