Is a Natural Dog Food Diet Right For Your Furry Friend?

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Many suppliers tout the benefits of natural dog food diets, but what exactly is natural dog food? Some cans and bags of food list themselves as natural dog food, but then again some diets recommend making your pet’s food yourself while others recommend feeding your furry friend raw food. So which is it?

According to Pet MD, the term natural dog food on canned goods may not be what it seems. They write, “the term ‘natural’ is only acceptable in reference to the product as a whole when all of the ingredients and components of ingredients meet the definition. The use of the term ‘natural’ on the label is false and misleading if any chemically synthesized ingredients are present in the product.” It’s recommended that you use your best judgement, carefully reading the can’s ingredients, and decide for yourself.

There are many benefits to feeding your pup cans of natural dog food. Firstly, there are many dog food coupons printable online, which means you can pay less! According to Paws Applause, a pet blog, there are 12 benefits to a natural dog food diet. The food apparently creates no pet odor, naturally cleans their teeth, improves digestion, produces less stool, decreases vet bills, lowers cost of food, mirrors what a dog would get in the wild, avoids quick growth spurts, balances blood sugars leading to lower hyperactivity, removes picky eating, maintains natural digestive enzymes and makes anal glands work as nature intended!

Choosing a natural dog food diet for your beloved best friend is a good choice, but it takes a bit of judgement. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments! Helpful links:

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