Mobile Web Use Set to Surpass Desktop Use by 2014 What Does This Mean for Your Business?

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In today’s technological era, it’s pretty incredible what we can do while on-the-go. The ability to access the web and browse various web pages from our mobile devices is a great convenience; however, recent research is suggesting that mobile web activity could be decreasing our attention spans, and creating difficult situations for businesses that rely heavily on online traffic for their productivity. Mobile Joomla, a service that specializes in mobilizing regular web pages for mobile use, claims that the chances of someone leaving a website increases by 100% if the mobile site takes more than 4 seconds to load. Compare Mobile Joomla’s claim to a recent Keynote Study – reporting 44% of mobile internet users claim to have difficulty navigating websites on mobile devices – and you have a considerable issue for business website development.

Most already know this, but mobile web browsing is expected to surpass desktop web browsing in the very near future. Business Insider recently presented data from an internet research webinar, indicating mobile users would surpass desktop users in 2014. This data comes from Morgan Stanley and is consistent with its prediction in 2010, claiming mobile would surpass desktop within five years. This trend is going to force thousands of businesses, of many diverse industries, to rely on a website design development company to help them transition from traditional web sites, to mobile site development.

It’s quite interesting to see many businesses neglecting to make the switch to mobile, even when the consumers understand the trend and the importance of having a reliable mobile site. According to a Margin Media study, 48% of mobile users claim that if they arrive on a business site that isn’t responding well on mobile, they consider it to be a sign that the business does not care about the ease of access to their website. This is certainly not good for business. According to eMarketer, only 22% of marketers believe they are ahead of the curve in terms of responsive website design. In which case, most businesses and marketers can benefit greatly from the services of a website design development company, and their abilities to create and manage effective responsive website designs.

Responsive design websites allow for a site to adapt to the device being used to view it. For example, a website that sells shoes can feature a creative web design that can be viewed and used effectively by users on their laptops and desktop PCs. When a user is mobile, using their smartphones or tablets, the website responds to this activity by changing its format to provide an easy to navigate, and reliable format for the viewer. Some businesses may possess IT and web design employees who can help their website make the switch to a responsive design, but for the many businesses that don’t, utilizing a website design development company to aid the process is highly recommended. Read more blogs like this.

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