Seeking Assistance from Social Security Attorneys After Appeals Council Denial

Q: What happens if your disability claim is turned down by the appeals council?

A: If your Social Security claim is denied again after going before the appeals council and you wish to appeal further, you will need to file a claim with the United States District Court. When you do this, you are bringing a claim against Social Security in the US District Court. You must file this claim within 60 days of when you received notice from the appeals council that you were denied benefits. If you do not yet have legal representation, you should begin interviewing social security attorneys in your area. If you do not wish to file a claim in US District Court, you can simply file a brand new initial claim with Social Security. This means that you will start back at square one of the review process again. If you decide to do that, having the expertise social security attorneys can offer would be extremely beneficial. They can assure that everything possible is being done for your claim as you give it a second try. Before you decide to file a claim in US District Court or start the process again, it is best to speak with an attorney about your next course of action. Social security attorneys have the experience and expertise to help you navigate the appropriate steps to give your claim the best chance at being awarded benefits.

Q: Can you hire social security attorneys after you have already applied for benefits?

A: Yes, claimants can hire social security attorneys at any point in the disability claim review process. The most common time to do so is after having an initial claim denied. But you can hire an attorney when you determine it is best for you and your claim.

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