How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Are you ready to pop the big question? Finally take the plunge? Or is worrying about how to find the perfect engagement ring holding you back? Here are a few helpful hints that might make your decision a little easier.

  • Do a Bit of Detective Work. Find a future in-law (or a future-friend-in-law) who can keep a secret, and enlist their help to learn what kind of ring to get. After all, they’ve probably known your beloved longer than you have, and may have a better idea as to what kind of style will really do the trick.
  • Take a Chance (Mostly). If you want the proposal to be a surprise for the whole family as well, you can always try to do your own reconnaissance work and make the decision by yourself. Just be sure to buy from a jeweler who offers some flexibility with regards to exchanges, free resizings, and even future upgrade options. Just to have some options.
  • Just Ask. Your love is no secret, so there’s a good chance that, aside from the actual time and place it happens, the proposal itself won’t be a big surprise. These days it’s not uncommon for a couple to have their rings picked out before an official proposal takes place, so that each person gets the style they truly want. You could also get down on one knee with a temporary ring (anything from a twisty-tie to an onion ring), and immediately go to your jeweler’s to pick out the actual ring. After all the hugging and crying, of course.

However you choose and whatever style you decide on, just remember: even if you don’t know how to find the perfect engagement ring, you know how to find the perfect person, the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. That’s the important decision. A diamond ring is just a nice touch. For more about this, go here. Learn more about this topic here.

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