What Is a Synthetic Bone Graft and How Can It Help You Heal?

Over the years, bones and joints can wear away, causing untold pain and discomfort for many people worldwide. Science has composed what’s referred to as a synthetic bone graft to help with these problems.

What is a synthetic bone graft? VOA News provides a quick and easy insight into the technology and people that make this solution work.

In the past, patients received titanium joints to replace the old ones that have worn away.

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Through the wonderful technique of 3D printing, a new material called hyper-elastic bone has been made. Specifically, it’s an elastic ceramic, meaning it will revert back to its original shape if squished in any way. By scanning the patient’s specific problem, doctors are now able to print off a unique shape with the 3D printed material to suit their exact needs.

Once surgically implanted, it stays attached to the patient’s bones, but also promotes tissue growth, and over time, the lost bone tissue is regenerated! Not only is it better than previous materials used, but it’s also much cheaper.

Such scientific marvels as synthetic bone grafts and 3D printing will help future patients and medical science as a whole.

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