Oil Field Technology Helps Keep Vital Wells Running

Average oil well production

In Titusville, PA, the McClintock 1 oil well is still operating today, even though it began producing oil all the way back in 1861. While this might seem unfathomable to some, the reality is that, with modern technology and the right oil field software, oil producers can get the most out of every well they tap. Of course, the Titusville well has to be massive in order to produce oil for so long, but there is no doubt that the advances in technologies and new oil field solutions have helped it last. Without them, the well could have dried up years ago.

The amount of oil that business and consumers use is pretty shocking. Most people are aware that humans have a dependence on oil that is simply not sustainable, but many do not know the numbers. Humans consume roughly 1,000 barrels of oil every second around the world. And, in the United States alone, some 378 million barrels are consumed. In order for oil and gas production companies to make sure that consumers have all the oil they need to consistently work through daily activities, they depend on lots of oil field software and technology that improve both efficiency and oil quality.

Humans use so much oil, in fact, that it accounts for more than a third of the energy supply of people, and 2.5 percent of the GDP of the planet. While many companies are researching and trying to find alternatives, including wind and solar energy, that could bring those numbers down, their wide scale implementation is still in the distance. So in order to make sure that people get all of the oil they need for production and energy, oilfield services still depend on oil field software that helps them thrive.

Many people are trying to use natural gas in order to cut down their dependence on oil. This can go a long way towards reducing some energy costs and the impact on the planet. But though some thing that oil and natural gas are so different that finding the two at the same time could be virtually impossible, that is not the case. In fact, in addition to oil, most wells also produce some natural gas. This means that keeping those wells operational is important for both alternative energy and more traditional oil companies. Good refereneces.

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