Packing Pods the Smart Way


You can find moving advice about basically every part of the process. From house hunting to hiring long distance movers to arranging the furniture, someone’s out there to help you. Though each step in the moving process can be tough, there is one component that every mover hates, and that is packing. Most of the tips you find about packing are usually pretty obvious. Label your boxes. Use filler paper. Common sense stuff. But, anyone who has ever been confronted with the reality of boxing up the contents of an entire house knows that it isn’t as simple as sliding your belongings into lovely, pre labeled boxes, throwing them in the moving pods, and calling it a day.

That’s why in this article, we’ll attempt to give some moving tips and tricks that you haven’t thought of before. Stuff that goes beyond the ever helpful “put small things in small boxes and big things in big ones.” Tips that you can maybe even make use of someday.

Save Yourself: Here’s the deal. Once you and the pods you get to wherever it is that you’re going, you’re going to be tired and frustrated and possibly really irritable. You won’t want to root through boxes to find your toothbrush. You won’t want to rummage around for a garbage bag. You’ll probably just want a hot shower and a nap. Save yourself a miserable arrival and pack one see through storage container with all the stuff you’re going to need on the first day: toiletries, sheets, a pillow, a change of clothes, a shower curtain, trash bags, Advil, and whatever else you’re thinking might get you through. Make sure it’s the last thing to be loaded into the pods so that you can grab it as soon as you arrive.

Gravity Works: It was true in your high school physics class and it’s true now. Your round plates will not fit perfectly into a square box and if you stack them on top of one another, they are bound to shift around, get scratched up and, if Murphy’s Law has anything to say about it, break into teeny tiny pieces. So don’t do that. Stand them upright like records and stuff the box full of newspaper, t shirts, or something else that will keep them from wiggling. Pack them on the floor of the pods so they don’t fall off of something and negate all your hard work.

Work With What You’ve Got: If you’re moving some kind of wonderful, amazing, heirloom hardwood furniture or something, ignore this and go nuts with the bubble wrap. If you’re mostly packing boxes, though, listen up. Your t shirts, socks, towels, and blankets are really soft and easy to mold around stuff. Plus, you already have them, so that saves some money. Put glass cups into socks, wrap plates up in sheets, and use a blanket to cushion your TV. It’s cheaper, easier, and more economical.

Don’t Separate What Was Meant to Be Together: The silliest thing you can do when you disassemble your furniture is plop all of the screws and washers and stuff into some shoebox that will later confound and destroy even the handiest of movers. Instead, label a sandwich bag with the name of the item, put the pieces in there, and tape the bag to the furniture.

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