Wacky Wedding Photo Booth Fun

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Looking for a way to add some silly fun to an upcoming wedding? Renting a photo booth is a great way for guests to cut loose and have picture proof to make the memories last forever. Wedding photo booths can be customized and deliver instant images and sharing possibilities. Here are seven reasons why you should consider renting a photo booth for your wedding.

1. They are Fun!

With no professional photographer in sight, wedding guests can feel free to act as crazy, creative and goofy as they want within the privacy of a photo booth. There are no rules in the photo booth!

2. The Memories

Getting physical copies of these goofy moments are the best way to keep hold of the wonderful memories. Each guest will get to keep any photos taken during a session. Many photo booth rental companies allow as many as six or eight copies of each strip to be printed. Only two out of every ten photos taken on a digital camera are ever printed. In a photo booth… every picture is printed. Lots of memories for everyone!

3. Social Media Sharing

Much has not changed in the realm of photo booths since http://huntervalleyweddingentertainment.com.au/buy-generic-viagra-online/ they first cost 25 cents and produced eight photos in ten minutes. The structure itself is essentially still the same. What has changed is the speed of printing and the incorporation of social media. Of course, it does not take ten minutes to get your photos these days… more like ten seconds. But with the advent of the internet age, many wedding photo booths allow users to connect to the internet and share pics on Facebook, Twitter, through email or instant messaging. Let all your friends who could not make it to the wedding still experience the fun in real time!

4. Video

Many modern photo booths also have video technology. These videos can be saved to social media and as hard copy by the photo booth company. Another perfect way to forever capture the memories and fun being had at your wedding.

5. Customization

Event photo booths can be customized for each event. A personalized logo can be added to every photo strip. It could include name and date so guests will never forget your wedding and how much fun they were having.

6. People Love Pics!

Did you know that today, we take as many photos every two minutes as all of humanity did in the entire 1800s? We are a photo loving culture and renting wedding photo booths gives everyone the opportunity to take as many silly pics as they desire.

7. Affordable

Photography is certainly an expensive business. Did you know the first consumer digital camera cost around ten grand? Or that the most expensive camera ever sold at auction went for a cool 2.8 million dollars? Now, you will not be paying quite that much for your wedding photographer, but pro photographers still charge in the thousands of dollars per event. Photo booth rental does depend on the company, location and type of event, but is generally far less expensive than wedding photography.

Wedding photo booths are an excellent way to add extra fun to your wedding and create lots of memories that will last forever in print!

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