An Organized Dorm is a Happy Dorm

Dorm room essentials

Decorating your dorm is one of the most exciting things about the beginning of your college experience. Stylish dorm rooms show your personality and give you a place to call home while providing a place to relax, study, and visit with friends. Of all the dorm room essentials you’ll pick up before the big move, however, the most important ones are those that help you get organized. There’s no such thing as a disorganized, stylish dorm. In this article, we’ll recommend a few dorm room organization tools that can help you create a fantastic space where you’ll want to be.

Dorm Room Essentials

Closet Organizer

Dorm closets are notoriously small, especially when you consider that you won’t have the luxury of keeping it to yourself. One of the best investments you can make for a stylish dorm is some system for keeping your closet organized that doesn’t take up too much space. A few shelves are helpful, as are shoe racks, hooks for bags, and some space saving hangers. If your closet doesn’t have a shelf above the bar, think about putting one in. That’s a handy space for things you don’t use often and can keep the bottom of your closet from looking cluttered. There’s nothing cute about clutter.

Under Bed Storage

If you’re not too far from home, your best case scenario is to only pack wardrobes for the season you’re in and change them out when you visit home. If that’s not a possibility, under bed storage is your best friend. Grab up a rolling plastic storage unit and use it for coats, hats, mittens, and scarves in the summer and for shorts and sundresses in the winter. Even if you don’t need it for clothes, under bed storage still fits into the dorm room essentials category. Keep board games, unused room decorations, and extra ramen in there to keep them from taking up space in the closet or on the floor.

Chair Pockets

These are the most overlooked of the dorm room essentials, but they’ll change the way your dorm is organized in a big way. Dorm desks are notoriously low on organizational options, usually boasting only a shelf, a surface, and maybe a pull out drawer. Since you’re really at college to study, your desk should, in theory, be the best organized place in your room. Keeping the essentials in a chair pocket makes them easily accessible and keeps them off the top of your desk. It’s tough to study when your desk is covered in junk, so a chair pocket is one of the best ways to increase productivity.

Dorm room essentials are the things that keep your space neat and organized. Sticky wall decals and Christmas lights are all well and good, but a truly cute dorm is one that doesn’t look like a construction site. Plan ahead, invest in some organizational tools, and have fun settling in!

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