Stopping a Wage Garnishment

Can bankruptcy stop garnishment of wages

When the government places an IRS wage garnishment on your paychecks, it means that you owe the IRS back tax money. The first thing that runs through everyones head is, can i stop a garnishment on my wages?! The answer is different for each person. Getting wage garnishment help would best come from an IRS attorney.

Finding garnishment help will allow you to breathe a little easier knowing that someone is out there working for you to avoid wage garnishments on your paycheck. IRS tax attorneys are more helpful than we recognize, with all of the confusing paperwork and changes in tax rules, it is easy to not understand what is happening to or with your money. The IRS sends out more than 8 billion pages of instructions and forms each year. With 1.2 million tax preparers in the country, everyone stays busy with staying on top of all the paperwork that comes along with taxes. In 1787. the Constitution authorized the government to lay and collect taxes but also required that at least some types of tax revenue is given to the states in proportion to the population. Irs garnishment laws starts way back to 1791, when the US Supreme Court first powered the administrative levy for federal taxes. Many citizens have asked the question of can i stop a garnishment on my wages not too long after the levys were created.

While some parts of taxes is easier to deal with, like being able to e file taxes, which everyone has been able to do since 1990. not all parts are as simple. The question of can i stop a garnishment on my wages is not one of those aspects of taxes easily answered. Asking a lawyer can i stop a garnishment on my wages is the best option when dealing with back tax debt.

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