Using Pods Can Make Your Move Easy

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Moving can be one of the most stressful life events, right up there with divorce. The rate of people making moves has actually declined. The rate of people moving remained steady at 20 percent through the mid 1960s; however, this rate is now at a current low of 11.9 percent.

During a move, your life is basically disrupted because you have to pack all of your belongings and then unpack them at the new destination. If you follow these few tips and tricks, your move can be a bit less stressful.

Use a checklist. Experts say that a comprehensive moving checklist is essential to making a move go smoothly. This checklist should include to do items such as when to turn off the utilities at your old place and when to have them turned on at your new place. It should also go over the actual move time line. You will want to specify just when to have the moving pods delivered to your home, or when to have the packers show up. Pods are convenient because you retain a more flexible time frame.

Determine your time frame for the move. It can be easier on the budget if you are hiring a pods moving service if your schedule is flexible. If you can move mid month and mid week, you can save a few dollars.

Before you get ready to pack up those pods, get rid of unnecessary items. Declutter your house. Throw away unused items or have a garage sale. You do not want to have to move more items into pods storage for the move than absolutely necessary.

Pack a survival box. This box should contain the essentials you will need at your new home. These items can include that important coffeemaker, cellphone charger, pillows, a change of clothing, and so on. Make sure that this box is put in the pods last, so that it is the first out of the pods or moving truck.

See, with just a few tips, your military move, or job transfer move can be easy and stress free. You can then enjoy your new surroundings with ease.

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