Garden Centers to Keep Your Garden Growing

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In 2011, the global gardening industry was worth an estimated $187 billion dollars. That means there are millions of gardens all over the globe, and each and every one is different from the next. In the United States, the average food garden size is about 600 square feet. That may seem small, but the typical gardener spends an estimated 5 hours each week tending and caring for their garden. Not only is it a great hobby, but it is also a hobby that provides beautiful, and many times delicious results!

There are a wide array of garden designs to choose from. This means that you can find the perfect size and shape garden to meet your landscaping needs, and also grow the plants or fruits and vegetables that you desire. All the tools you need to cultivate your own garden can be found at your local garden centers. Not only that, but the professionals at your favorite garden center probably know a thing or two on how to make your garden the best and brightest it can be.

Gardening centers are full of different plants and bulbs, and also generally carry gardening tools and fertilizer. Look at the landscape details of your property, and envision the types of flowers, or fruits and vegetables that you would like to see growing around you. The most popularly grown fruit in the typical garden is the tomato. The tomato is a pretty simple fruit to grow, and many people get enjoyment out of taking care of their tomato plants.

If the ample food supply, or landscape benefits are not enough for you to consider growing your own garden, think about the exercise benefits. Cultivating your garden will require hours of weeding and planting. This can improve flexibility, stamina, muscle strength, and over all health in the long run.

Garden centers are the perfect place to begin your gardening journey. Start searching for garden centers that carry the tools and seeds you need to plant your little piece of perfection today. Gardens require consistent attention, but the end result is definitely worth the hard work you put into it. Turn your boring backyard into a beautiful sight for all to see next season by checking out the garden centers near you today.

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