Recruiting the Best Sellers for Your Business

Executive recruiting firms

Of all the sales reps in North America, only 10% of them will provide and ROI. This means that in order for a sales company to succeed, it must have great sales recruitment. There are two important factors that a sales recruiter must look for in potential sales reps. Selling may not be rocket science, but for some people it might just as well be. Here are two attributes that can ensure a quality sales career.

Find diligence.
Four out to every five non-routine sales occurs after at least five follow ups. This means that while sales reps cannot be pushy, they should constantly endeavor to persevere. A good sales persons is resilient.

Seek learners.
Good sales personnel must be able to learn on their feet, both about their industry and services, as well as their clients. The ability to research a client is key to meeting a client on hospitable terms and close a deal.

Sound simple right? It is and it isn’t, since selling is just as much an art as it is a science.

Much of the art of the sale is based on an individual’s knack for opening, understanding problems, offering solutions, and closing. A great sales person can come from a wide array of experiences, because there is no one way to sell. When hiring a sales person, keep this in mind. Look for candidates with the most potential to sell, and who have personalities that your seasoned sales team can rally around and help succeed.

Since the art of sales has so much to do with the personality of the salesman, filling sales jobs can be a trying task. The best way to fill sales rep positions is by trusting a seasoned team member, or manager to help with the search. Having the perspective of someone who has boots on the ground selling can give the hiring process better odds for success. These time tested professionals know just as well as anyone what it takes to succeed at their business. Not only this, but professionals from your sales company, know your business and what it needs to continue succeeding.

In some cases, this may be out of the question, or the position that you actually want to fill is that management role. In cases where heightened levels of sales experience are required to get the job done well, it is a good idea to seek help from executive recruitment firms. These executive recruitment firms can help you distinguish the good sales leader form those who will not fit into your business mold. They can also find well established sales professionals who can bring new clientele to your company.

Executive recruitment firms can help your sales company meet it’s potential, by establishing strong hiring practices as you seek sales management and reps. In order for executive firms to be most effective, they need access to business information. Knowing the ins and outs of a business can help sales headhunters from executive recruitment firms establish an understanding of what that business needs. Once executive recruitment firms have found the right applicants, many offer continued services like sales training.

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