Finding the Right Employment Staffing Agency for You

Temp staffing

The difficult economy has made professional staffing agencies more popular than ever before. Just last year alone, over two million people in Canada were working as temporary workers that are employed by an employment staffing agency.

This increasing popularity in temporary staffing firms has resulted in people wondering what do they do, how do they work, and why do businesses choose to use an employment staffing agency. The following will take a closer look at an employment staffing agency and hopefully answer these questions.

A temp staffing agency is a business that works to find and retain qualified workers for certain companies. The workers that are discovered by the temp staffing agencies can be discovered by an agency recruiter, a job ad posted on an online classified website, or even by recommendation.

The employment staffing agency will keep the information and resume of the workers on hand. In the event that a company has a need to temporarily fill an employment spot, they will ask the employment staffing agency to find a temporary employee or a freelancer, interim, or seasonal employee as they are sometimes called.

The company will send over a list of skills and qualifications that are required to fill the vacant spot. The temporary staffing solution firm will look through their database of workers and find a list of individuals who can perform the job properly for the company.

In addition to finding employees, a professional staffing agency can help companies with a number of other services. They can help companies with compliance service, which basically means they handle all the legal work of hiring an employee. The employment staffing agency can also help with information management, training and other business related services.

Companies often retain the services of an employment staffing agency for a number of reasons. The reasons can range from a need to fill a position temporarily to the fact that many companies believe the workers at an employment staffing agency work better than regular full time employees.
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